The Chucklefish Interviews - 1 to 4

Making Games Is Fun presents its debut video series, the Chucklefish Interviews. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with the lovely people at Chucklefish to create this series of videos looking at the lives of some of the people who work there.

So allow me to present four video profiles to you of the people of Chucklefish: Adam Riches, Doris Carrascosa, Rodrigo Monteiro and Lu Nascimento!

Thanks to Chucklefish for allowing this series to happen.

Adam Riches

Episode 1 of The Chucklefish Interviews is with Artist and Animator Adam Riches (@supernorn). We discuss life before Chucklefish, recall a somewhat unconventional job interview, explore Adam's relationship with his family, and learn what life is like as an artist and animator at a videogame studio.



Doris Carrascosa

Episode 2 of The Chucklefish Interviews is with artist Doris Carrascosa (@doriscarrascosa). We are told how Doris escaped civil war as a child, hear about her move to Chucklefish, and learn how to get by living in a country where you don't speak a word of the language.



Rodrigo Monteiro

Chucklefish's technical director Rodrigo Monteiro joins us for the third episode of The Chucklefish Diaries for a light-hearted look at the games of his childhood that got their hooks in and led him to where he is today. Also, Rodrigo tries to convince Doris that maths is exciting.



Lu Nascimento

Episode 4 of The Chucklefish Interviews is with the astounding Lu Nascimento. We hear about her extraordinary journey from Brazil to the offices of Chucklefish and everything she overcame on the way. It's an inspirational story of a woman driven by what she wanted to get out of life, undeterred by bullies and those who would keep her down.